SuiteOrders POS

A cloud-based Point-Of-Sale system for your business developed by POS experts and powered by the industry's leading hardware.

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Manage one or all of your locations from anywhere in the world on your PC, tablet or phone. SuiteOrders' powerful Enterprise Cloud puts menu items, family groups, prices, and employees right at your fingertips.


Powered by ELO Paypoint, our "Sensei" All-In-One is a sleek and complete POS terminal. Alternatively, create a "Ninja" station that fits the unique needs of your mobile solution. 


We are committed to providing customers with innovative and useful modules, at no extra charge! Customize your POS system with features that are meaningful to your business without spending more.



Maui Wowi Coffees

GulfStream Park

Santa Anita Racetrack



We make POS efficient and straightforward.  We do that by giving you a system that is easy to implement, easy to maintain and powerful enough to run one or hundreds of locations.  We partner up with best in class partners like HotSchedules and Compeat to ensure that you have the flexibility to run operations exactly how you want to.  If you like to use our employee or inventory modules you can do that as well.



Word on the Street

"Justin and the Somidata team have been a Godsent. We were having a difficult time trying to find a portable solution for our parking lot events (No Wifi). With SuiteOrders 4G terminals we are able to capture real time transactions and about 35-40% increased revenue due to credit cards being accepted."

Shannon McGuckin
Santa Anita Racetrack

"seamless! Jennifer was fantastic and finished all my requests in great time and with a smile (I could feel it ;))."

David Beauchamp
Maui Wowi Franchisee

"Somi Data has been a great partner for over four years, helping us with a variety of product rollouts. Their team members are creative problem solvers who never shy away from a challenge."

Patrick Stevens
Operations HOB Entertainment




Our solution is entirely cloud-based, setting up your store is super easy, do it online from your PC, tablet or phone.  Once your location is set up, it's as easy as downloading SuiteOrders, selecting your site and start taking orders.


SuiteOrders was built to run restaurants and retail stores.  That's right, we don't just do one business type, we do both, and we are not afraid to say it. Our system can handle kitchen printer configurations and online inventory management.  Let us show you how if you don't believe us.


With our US-based support center out of Arizona, you get the kind of support that understands not only SuiteOrders but how you operate your restaurant or store.  We are here to help, from the moment you set up your system, through your busiest weekends.


Our support does not start or end at our support center. It begins with a dedicated customer manager that will make sure that your system is set up correctly from day one.  Moreover, when you have that big Fourth of July specialty menu to roll out, we are here for you.



We’re a talented group of industry veterans and developers with a groundbreaking solution designed to disrupt an established industry. By combining tried and true POS operation techniques with cutting-edge technology, we have created a system that is the best of both worlds.  Combine that with our unparalleled customer support, and you can see why our customers love us and why we think you will too.



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