How do you manage your systems?



So what does that mean for you? It means access from anywhere with an internet connection.  Our cloud-based enterprise back-office means you can update employees, menu items, discounts, menus and everything else you can think of. It's not just read only access, it's full administrative access to the system. Update your weekend specials or view REAL TIME sales when you're not on site or if you are out of town.


Access your data from anywhere in the world, period.  With our cloud based architecture you can:

  • Manage Menu Items availability and prices

  • Add Discounts

  • Add/remove Employees, modify employee permissions or update time clock entries

  • Run sales reports, product mixes or inventory files

  • (Manage your entire operation from your phone if you like)


Ok, that is fantastic. No more trying to connect to some out dated computer every time you want to update something. How does that help me if I have 5 or 100 locations?

The power of the cloud is the flexibility of managing one or all of your locations from a single touch point. You can set up a menu item ,employee or discount once and assign it to one or more locations. All of this still comes with the freedom to customize on a location basis as well.


Remember the days when you needed to have connectors to your data, just so that you knew which menu items you were selling at which locations, which discounts were being used or what your labor hours were for the week?  All gone.  With SuiteOrders all of that data is centralized in one location.  That means that from day one you have a complete picture of all of your operations.  REAL TIME, that's right, had a sale one second ago? Run that report, there it is.  Real time means real time.


With other features like Inventory Management and Customer Marketing we have much more to show you.  And did we mention that all modules are included in the single price that you pay, fair and easy.  So give us a call and let us show you what a 21st century POS system looks like.



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