POS Evolved

Now with Delivery Integration Built-In !!!

The evolution of POS has finally arrived!


POS with all of the features you expect and need to help your business grow.

  • Freedom - Take your POS anywhere! Food fairs, food trucks, pop-ups.

  • Enterprise Features - All the features you need to manage your locations like DSP (delivery) integration, KDS and more.

  • Savings - No more paying for internet service or network support, saving you thousands per year.

No more cables!

Freedom to go anywhere

Our portable terminals use Bluetooth and Batteries meaning

  • You can go anywhere and never miss a beat.

  • All you need is a cell signal.

  • Use Offline mode when there is no cell signal

Location w Globe_2.bmp
Computer Frustrated_2.bmp

Freedom at your locations

Run your restaurant and not an IT department

  • No more paying for internet service

  • No more paying for "network" support

  • Move your terminals anywhere in your location

  • Line busting simply means taking the iPad and walking up and down the line.



Enterprise features you need

All of the features you need included at a price that won't break the bank.

We know that running your fast casual restaurant means more than just taking orders, that is why we work hard to implement feature additions that our customers need and want. 


DSP Integration

(delivery partners i.e. UberEats)

KDS System

Gift Cards

Loyalty Program

Employee Time Management

Custom Menu Modifications

Customer Facing Displays

Email Receipts

Real Time Sales Reporting

KDS and so much more

With the KDS screen there is no "losing" of the kitchen chit.  Bumped an order to fast, no problem just take a look at a list of the past bumped orders and un-bump.  And because it's tablet based you can put the KDS screen almost anywhere in your kitchen.

And the more includes some of the following


Savings, because we all love it

Especially right now, every penny counts and running your POS system shouldn't cost you thousands of dollars.  Let's compare how much it cost per month to use SuiteOrders vs. a typical POS system.



Typical POS

Potential Savings Per Location  

Monthly Service Fee




Monthly Service Fee

Internet Service

Average POS Support*


*(either outsourced or in house)









The above comparison doesn't even include hardware cost for new stores or replacing faulty hardware at your locations.  We use iPads which are rugged and proven to run 24 hours a day for years without issues.  Their replacement cost is $349 dollars and with our MDM solution we help keep them secure and safe.

Testimonials, don't just take our word for it

SuiteOrders was developed from over 15 years experience developing applications for the restaurant industry.

We could list hundreds of references of the work that we did before SuiteOrders but it's best if you hear from those customers that are using the system now.



"Justin and the SomiData team have been a godsend. We were having a difficult time trying to find a portable solution for our parking lot events (No Wifi). With SuiteOrders 4G terminals we are able to capture real time transactions and about 35-40% increased revenue due to credit cards being accepted."